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  1. Altruism: The unselfish concern for the welfare of others. This is demonstrated through caring, commitment, dedication and understanding.
  2. Communication: The art of expressing ideas effectively from one person to another. This is expressed by explaining important aspects to clients and having a good bed-side manner.
  3. Competence: To be well qualified and capable of a position. This is done by admitting when you need help and not going beyond the realm of your education.
  4. Confidentiality: Requires a person to be trustworthy with private information. This can be done by adhering to all HIPPA codes.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Always learning and implementing new evidence-based practice protocols and always continuing my educational experiences.
  6. Cooperation:This is an interaction that is largely beneficial to all participants. Everything works best when the whole team is in sync both for the client and the organization.
  7. Creativity: This is having or showing imagination and artistic or intellectual inventiveness; being able to do what you need to do with what you have available.
  8. Dignity: Emphasizes the importance of valuing all worth and uniqueness of each and every person. This is experienced through respect for others and empathy.
  9. Equality: Requires that all individuals have the same fundamental human qualities. This is demonstrated through fairness and acceptance of all individuals.
  10. Freedom: Allows individuals to exercise choice and to demonstrate independence, initiative and self-direction.
  11. Integrity: The quality of state of sound moral principle; uprightness, honesty, and sincerity.
  12. Justice: The quality of being righteous with sound reason and validity. Upholding moral and legal fairness, equality, truthfulness and objectivity.
  13. Leadership:The ability to lead and motivate you clients to improve. Being a good role model for all individuals with whom you come in contact with.
  14. Open-mindedness: Having a mind that is open to mew ideas. This includes being ip-to-date with current information and never falling in a “rut”.
  15. optimistic: The tendency to take the most hopeful or cheerful view of matters or to expect the best outcome. This includes making the bet out of every situation.
  16. Prudence: The ability to govern and disciple oneself through the use of reason. This requires discretion, vigilance, moderation and care of one’s own affairs.
  17. Punctuality: Always being prompt and properly organized with your time and commitments.
  18. Quality of Work Always holding a high standard of work and work performance.
  19. Respect for Others: Always respecting others and their point of views.
  20. Truth: Requires you to be faithful to the facts and reality. You are accountable, honest, accurate and authentic in all attitudes and actions.