While trout fishing in the  spring of 2003, I casually asked (Uncle) Frank Kern to write a brief history of our family.  I knew that a complete Kern family tree existed, but I feared that the life-stories of our ancestors were lacking and would be lost if his generation did not record the family stories. Frank began to write a  rough draft that very night (using a short golf-scoring pencil and under a very dim camping light).

In true Franklin L. Kern fashion, a beautifully written document is evolving.  I will publish the stories through the pre-WWII generation, (the boomer's and X'ers stories are still developing). I will also prod others to contribute so that more insight of the personalities might be known.  Thanks Uncle Frank!


Family Stories

History of Our Kern Family in America  - As published at the Bavarian Inn Lodge
Die Kernmuhle - The Kern Mill, Rostal, Germany
Descendants of Friedrich & Maria Winkler Kern  Friedrich
Maria Winkler Kern  - Mother of all area Kerns
Johann Wilhelm Kern   -  Maria's son.  An outstanding bio written by Wallace Kern


Short Biographies

Rube & Teddy - The best-friend brothers
Lorenz Kern - Son of Johann Wilhelm
Elsie Kern Roth - Daughter of Freidrich Lorenz
Ruben Kern  - Son of Freidrich Lorenz
Walter (Teddy) Kern  - Son of Freidrich Lorenz


Pre-WWII Generation

James Walter Kern - Son of Ruben
Harry Ruben Kern - Son of Ruben
 Franklin Lorenz Kern
- Son of Ruben
Jeanette Margaret Kern Elbers - Daughter of Ruben
Roland Roth - Son of Elsie


Kern Family History Photo Page
Gravestones of Johann and Sabina Kern
Photographs from the Frankenmuth Historical Museum

Other Kern Information

Link to Wallace Kern's Website  - Wally is the family history expert.
Kern Emigrants to North America (.pdf file)- As Translated by Franklin L. Kern
1870 Census Information - Johann & Maria Kern
Kern vs. Gleason Baseball Game - 1936
1940 Kern Reunion Descendents List
Passenger Manifest of the Ships Hector and Clara    Click Here for full pdf
Naming Custom of German Families
1850 Census - Bernthal Family     Text Version

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