Some Photos that I've gleaned from the web.  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge

Intersection of State looking south on Main. The Millington Hotel is on the left. (Postcard dated 1912 with reference to RP wagons).

The Michigan Central depot that stood on the NE corner of Center & Depot Streets

State Street in 1922

Main Street looking East

Center Street looking East in 1910 (postcard)

The Methodist Church

The photo points to what was Henderson Drug Store

A postcard of the Millington Elevator, looking north from Main Street along the railroad tracks

Millington had its own phone company, later Wolverine Phone Co. and now TDS.

1930's Millington Homecoming celebration on State St. (M-15)

A colorized post card of what I believe to be Center Sreet looking east.

The original Millington High School. It stood at the corner of Main and Gleason Streets.

Corner of State and Main - 1940. A picture of the Millington Hotel

State street looking north

Downtown Vassar

From a 1908 postcard. The house on State just south of McPherson's.

A 1910 postcard of State Street

I suspect the photo was taken from the intersection of Main and State looking south.

The Millington Hotel in 1944 (NE corner of M-15 & Main).

The First building north of the hotel housed P.T. Chevrolet, the second building north was the Capital Theater.

The day after Haloween. The caption stated that farm equipment was piled in the middle of the street (and an out house).

Millington High postcard circa 1910

West side of State Street. Year anyone?

Main Street - 1922 Postcard

A recently purchased postcard of the old Millington High School.

A five dollar bank note from Millington National Bank in 1902.

A postcard with an artists rendition of the various Sioux City Seed facitlities. The postmark is 4/15/1916.

State Street Looking South from Main